Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[More Than] Halfway Through Summer

Ciao a tutti!

I decided to write a blog post as I listen to Italian music and reflect on the times behind and ahead of me! My summer has been jam packed, and I am scrambling to get prepared (mentally, physically and emotionally) for my departure. I just received my visa papers (that includes a letter of school enrollment from Liceo Statale "G.D. Cassini") and it made everything so real!

The closer I get to la mia avventura, the more nervous I get, but I am working very hard to let go of all my anxieties and to just enjoy the ride. 
As an exchange student, you have to trust your decision to study abroad as the right one, and know that things will turn out just as they're supposed to.

I can't deny a little sadness I have to leave my family and friends here in Colorado. It's the small times when I sit there and watch my life from the outside as I eat dinner with my family, or jam out to John Mayer live with my mom and brother while looking out over the skyline, or cook a feast with my grandparents, or hike with my dad, or watch my niece crawl around while my nephews run rampant around us, or when I walk my dog under the stars and breathe in the fresh Colorado air-- the list goes on forever. It's little moments like these when I feel so blessed in life by the people who surround me.

But I know, I cannot bear to stay either. Wanderlust is "a strong desire or impulse to travel and rove about", and it has a hold on my heart. I watch the Travel Channel or I look at pictures from people's summer adventures, and there isn't one place that doesn't get added to my travel wish list! With all the traveling I want to do, I believe it's best to start early and keep wandering as long as possible.
I am doing the most to make the best of my All-American summer (including climbing my first "14er" called Gray's Peak, and going to the Luke Bryan concert this week) while preparing for la dolce vita. I have 44 days before I bid my beautiful state of Colorado farewell and I plan to enjoy every single one of them.

Pinch me, I cannot believe it's true! :)


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