Monday, October 07, 2013

And the coastal breeze blows on..

Buon pomeriggio!
      Today I am going to have a short post because: 1. My external keyboard isn't working. 2. My iPad isn't charged. 3. I have more pictures. 4. I have a routine and there isn't too many new things this week. But nonetheless we continue!
      First of all, I [semi] apologize for not posting on the weekend as I normally do, but the good news is that I was out doing stuff all weekend! This weekend I got to have a girls day in Montecarlo -- a lovely city that is a part of Monaco (the second-smallest country in the world, after the Vatican). There are fancy cars, expensive yachts, the casino where multiple 007 movies were filmed and rude Frenchmen. No, I don't have anything against the French but I've seen the bad side of a few Frenchmen since I've been here. In general the French and the Italians don't get along too well (too much pride involved). Getting back to my weekend, my host mom and I took a day off from the boys in the house and did some shopping and sightseeing in Montecarlo with her friend, Floriana, and Floriana's adorable kids! Most of the pictures I have to share today are from my day in Montecarlo.
    Yesterday I went to Ventimiglia (a small nearby town) and walked a lovely beagle from the dog shelter. It was a part of a fundraising event for the animal shelter that Francesca (my Italian aunt) volunteers at and it was fantastic! They have so many animals and so little funding and help, but I am going to do my share by volunteering some Saturday mornings!
    The last thing I did with my weekend was make enchiladas for my family! They were accompanied by some chips and guacamole that I made and although they just weren't the same as my Grandma's (they never are if you're anywhere but Grandma's house), they came out better than I thought they might! Seeing as Italians don't sell ingredients for anything but Italian food, I found the ingredients at the supermarket, Carrefour, in Monaco. I couldn't wait to tell my grandparents what I had done and luckily they're going to send me chili powder so I can make them even better! Sharing my culture was fun and my host brother loved them so much he ate three! My poor host family isn't used to spiciness like I am and found them to be a bit too hot.
    School is going on like normal, but now I switch to other classes about 6 periods a week. I love it because I get to meet some older kids that are a lot of fun and super open, and just for the fact that I can meet more than the 27 kids in my class. I also am in a math class more at my level so I can get credit when I get back. (I can't start talking about when I return!)
    I keep tabs on the Broncos and am happy to know my hometown team is doing so well! I always wear my Broncos shirts in gym class ;)
    I am continuing my weekly Italian lessons but am trying to overcome a bit of a hill in my language learning. My progress has been really slow the last couple weeks but I want to keep improving! I am trying to maintain all the patience that I possibly can but I do get frustrated not being able to participate in every conversation like I normally do at home. A girl from my class told me I speak Italian with a Spanish accent... Hmmm is my host mom rubbing off on me? ;)
     That's about all for this week. I hope all my friends enjoyed homecoming and that sports, school, work and life are going well for everyone! Enjoy the photos.



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